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July 14, 2022

Are you someone who loves to use stickers to respond in chats? WhatsApp and Telegram are the most popular instant messaging platforms. Both the apps come with an inbuilt sticker library, but there are limited stickers available for a sticker lover. That is where Sticker.ly mod APK comes in handy.

Stickerly has millions of stickers of different categories that users can import and use in WhatsApp and Telegram chats. These stickers can be used in Status, not just in chats, and you are certainly going to get attention with the unique sticker collections from Stickerly.

The most fantastic feature of Stickerly mod APK is that you can create personalised stickers from your photos. This article will discuss Stickerly mod APK and its features and conclude if the app is worth installing.

What Is Sticker.ly Mod APK?

Stickerly is a sticker maker app where you can select from millions of stickers and create your stickers. You can use these stickers on chats and stories on instant messaging platforms. The Auto Cut technology of the app enables you to create personalised stickers from your photos.

You can instantly export the static and animated stickers from Stickerly to WhatsApp and Telegram. You can even share the sticker packs with your friends from the links generated. There are stickers available in different categories to meet your demands.

Sticker.ly Mod APK lets you use the stickers without any watermark. Besides, there won’t be any annoying advertisement layouts on the app when you install it through Sticker.ly Mod APK.

Features of Stick.ly Mod APK –

  • Gold / Paid features Unlocked
  • Unwanted Permissions + Activities removed
  • Unwanted Services + Receivers and Providers removed
  • Ads Activities + Services and Providers removed
  • Ads / Analytics / Crashlytics links removed

Millions of Stickers –

There are millions of stickers already available on Stickerly that you can use instantly. These stickers can be used in chats and status. There are static and animated stickers to get everyone’s attention wherever you put them. Over 50,000 static stickers and thousands of animated stickers for video status.

Different Categories –

There are different stickers available to pick from as per your requirements. Every category of stickers is available, from anime, memes, models, celebrities, shows, and animals. There is also a separate Trending section where the currently popular stickers are available. You will also find a different section of stickers for Status.

Create Stickers –

The best part of Sticker.ly is that it lets you create stickers that can look like your avatar. This is because it uses Auto Cut technology to instantly convert your photos into stickers. Naturally, a personalised sticker pack containing your avatar will stand out in chats and statuses. You can resize, change the angle, and adjust positive after the auto conversion.

Export Stickers –

You can export the vast collection of stickers from Sticker.ly to instant messaging apps. Currently, Sticker.ly supports exporting to WhatsApp and Telegram. More social media platforms are likely to be compatible due to the popularity of stickers and Stickerly.

Share Stickers –

Please make no mistake that when you share unique animated stickers from Sticker.ly on WhatsApp and Telegram chats and statuses, your friends will ask you about which stickers they are. That is where you can share sticker packs with your friends through custom links so that they can avail them too.

Follow Sticker Creators –

You can create your own set of stickers and make them available for others. At the same time, you can follow the other sticker creators and check the stickers they make public. Therefore, it acts as a social media platform among sticker creators.

No Watermark or Ads –

When you use Sticker.ly Mod APK, there will not be any watermark on the stickers you export to WhatsApp and Telegram. Besides, there are not going to be Ad layouts on the app. Therefore, you will get all the perks of the premium version of the Sticker.ly app.


Sticker.ly is a must-have app for all those who regularly chat and puts up status updates on WhatsApp and Telegram. Millions of stickers are available in different categories, and you can create personalised stickers. The video stickers for statuses will make you stand out, and the personalised stickers will grab everyone’s attention in chats. Therefore, you should download and install Sticker.ly Mod APK instantly.

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