Guide To Setup A WordPress Website With SSL On Digitalocean Using Putty+Wordops+Cloudflare

Updated on 27/04/2022

Hello readers, Today in this article we will guide you the perfect way to setup the fastest WordPress website with good cache mechanism and cloudflare https flexible SSL on Digitalocean droplet. DO is one of the most popular website hosting platform there are many bloggers who host their sites on digital ocean and it’s an trusted hosting platform but this hosting platform isn’t like the normal hosting that you may have heard of In Digital ocean you won’t be getting a cPanel to install WordPress.

As digital ocean doesn’t provide a cPanel so you have to manually install WordPress Don’t worry it isn’t difficult task to install WordPress on a digital ocean droplet using putty &’s command.

I have installed more than 10+ websites on Digital ocean using wordops previously I used to use but now it isn’t good anymore I don’t like the latest update of easyengine. WordOps is a better clone of easyengine it is very fast.

WordOps simplifies WordPress deployment by automating the installation and configuration of various dependencies. The WordOps stack consist of the following components:

  • Netdata for server monitoring.
  • Lightweight web panel for server administration.
  • Database management: phpMyAdmin, Adminer, and MySQLTuner.
  • Core LEMP stack: Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP.
  • Cache backend: support for Nginx fastcgi_cache, Redis, WP-Super-Cache, WP-Rocket, and Cache Enabler.
  • Security component: UFW firewall and Fail2ban.
  • SSL configuration and renewal using Let’s Encrypt.

You can use Let’s Encrypt ssl too on wordOps but I like Cloudflare SSL more So I recommend you to use CF if you have problems with CF then in the end of this article I will add the let’s encrypt command to install HTTPS.

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How To Create A Digital Ocean Account

Lets Star with how to create a fresh digitalocean account.

Step 1- First Of All Go To Digitalocean website signup page. You might get $100 for 2 months.

NOTE: If You Will Use My Referral Link Then You Won’t Be Able To Use A Promo Code On Your DO Account There Is A $50 DO promocode offered by github student developer pack If you have that code then please don’t use any referral link just goto DO signup page and make sure it ain’t saying that you will get $100 credit on signup.

Step 2- Enter Your Email Address, Name, Home Address Card Number

Note: You can also use paypal if you don’t have a international payments enabled debit card But remember that If you will use paypal you will have to pay $5.

Note 2: If You will use your card for the signup DO will deduct $1 from your card for verification which might get refunded later (I am not sure about redund)

Step 3- Once you done entering your details check your email and verify your email address by the verification link

Congratulations now you have successfully created your DO account now let’s head into creating a droplet and setting wordpress.

How To Create A Droplet In Digitalocen

Step 1- Once you log in to the control panel, click the green Create button in the top right to open the create menu.

Step 2 – Now you have to tap on droplets

Step 3 Now select ubuntu

Step 3- Choose A Plan (In my opinion $5 plan is more enough for more than 10k visitors perday site)

Step 4- If You want backup then you can enable backups by paying $1 more to Digital ocean

Step 5- Chose your region

Step 6- Now In the Authentication section, you choose the method you want to use to log in to your Droplet. There are two options:

  • SSH keys, which provide more security than a password.

Password, which allows you to create your own password for the new Droplet.

Step 7- In the Finalize and create section, you specify the quantity, name, tags, and project for the Droplet you’re creating.

Now you have successfully created a droplet on your DO account.

How to Install Wordops & WP On Digitalocean

Adding Domain

This is the important thing to do because if u just update nameserver your site wont be live after updating digitalocean’s nameserver you have to add the domain in your server too because your server has the unique IP of your droplet once you add your domain you can simply head to the wordpress installing part.

  • First of all click on three dots of your droplet and click on add a domain
  • once you add your domain there simply go to your domain registrar and update the name servers to below NS.

How To Login Through Your SSH On Putty?

First of all make sure to download the latest version of putty here (

  • Now Copy Your Droplet’s IP Address
  • Launch the putty app on your pc
  • Enter your Droplet’s IP Address and click on open
  • Now a black screen will appear enter your username (the username for all droplets is root)
  • Now It will ask you for your server’s password type your password.

NOTE: When you will type your server’s password you won’t be able to see it just type your full password of your droplet and press enter

Now You have successfully logged in to your server.

Installing WordOps On Digitalocean Droplet

wget -qO wo && sudo bash wo

  • Copy the above command and press your mouse’s right click on putty then press enter
  • It will take sometime in 1-2 minutes in putty it will ask you to enter your name (This name will be your droplet sites wordpress username) You can type admin or anything you want
  • Now enter your email (This email will also get connected to your wordpress)
  • Now wait for some more minutes and then the installation of wordops on your server will be done.

Installing WordPress On Digitalocean/Wordops/Putty

sudo wo site create –wp

  • Just replace the from above command to your site url
  • Now Press enter after typing the WP command in 1- minutes your website’s username and password will be available copy and save it somewhere.

Setting-Up Cloudflare SSl On Digital Ocean WordPress Website

  • Signup on cloudflare
  • It will ask for your website enter your URL there
  • Now It will check your DNS
  • Once DNS checking is done click on always use https button
  • Now go to your wordpress dashboard and click on add a plugin and install cloudflare official plugin (IMP)
  • Now Just update the nameservers from DO NS to CF NS.

That’s It.

Final Verdict

So guys that’s how you can setup a wordpress site on digital ocean using putty & wordops I hope you liked this article if you did then please do share this guide with someone who wants to create a new website for their business or anything.

If you have any suggestions that will improve our site Avoid then we would love to hear them in the comment section below.

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