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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an extremely popular action game developed in 2004 by Rockstar North. The game was published by Rockstar Games. The game is based on an open world theme where players can go around exploring the map and interacting at their own pace and leisure.


The main storyline of this game is wrapped around the main character Carl Jhonson Aka “CJ” who is a gangster, returned home after an unfortunate event of his mother’s murder by the rival gangs. This leads him back to the life of crime and his gang.

Carl can be seen dealing with powerful criminals and corrupt authorities in the game. Carl was accused of some uncommitted crimes and hence sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

The gamers are supposed to help CJ get everything he has lost and regain his reputation and rights.


The location of this game is a fictional state in the US, San Andreas, which is heavily inspired by California and Nevada. San Andreas contains three main cities namely Los Santos, which is inspired by Los Angeles; San Fierro inspired by San Francisco and Las Venturas which is inspired from Las Vegas.

The game follows the classical theme of 1990s Los Angeles and features many real-life elements like landmarks, regions, and cities inspired from the real world. The game includes real-life street gangs and the crack epidemic of 1980-1990.


Gamers can take up to 2 days just to experience the main game and several more to explore the whole map and features.

The players have to deal with a lot of numerous conflicts between various gangs in Los Santos. As soon as the player has unlocked the bridge to other cities the gameplay becomes quite similar to the other GTA games. The player is supposed to complete missions like casino heists, stealing military weapons, collecting debts, etc. To progress in the game.

The players can drive various vehicles like cars, boats, bikes, trucks, jet skis, and much more.

And not just that the player also earns Respect points after completion of each mission. These Respect points are important to unlock hidden characters and are also necessary for the completion of some missions.

The missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are much less frustrating than other GTA games because unlike the previous versions this one has the much-needed “intuitive instructions”.


As compared to previous versions the game has way better graphics but cannot be compared to GTA 5. The weather depiction in the game is very real. The change in weather is demarcated like you can see the heat of a sunny day, feel the breeze and watch the rain. Special effects like that of fire, blood, water, etc are also very close to real.


The characters of the game are extremely well designed as the expressions are much better and more realistic than in the previous versions. Unlike the previous versions, you can see when the characters are angry, sad, or scared.


San Andreas, unlike the previous versions of GTA, introduced a whole new set of gameplay elements that lets the player use RPG mechanics, clothes, and vehicles can be customized in appearance and includes many mini games and gambling games too! This game is called the best video game ever by a lot of reviews.

Feature of the GTA SA MOD APK:

The mod apk comes with unlimited money that can be used to buy anything in the game. Making the gaming experience more fun.


If you want unlimited money in GTA SA then you are at the right place! Download the app now it’s free and completely safe!

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