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Shooting Range Increased, Aim Assist, No Recoil




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July 14, 2022

If you have played free fire you must know it is a battle royal shooting game in which 50 players are deployed on a single island, the players can explore the vast map of the island, find places to hide, collect resources and weapons, and seek enemies and kill them to be the last one standing

This game has various other game modes to play other than battle royale mode. The most popular game mode is the Clash Squad mode in which the players are placed in a team of 2 or 4 members in a small location, against an opponent team of equal members. Here both the teams engage in battles consisting of multiple rounds and the more skilful team wins.

Other modes are more casual modes like the Pet Rumble mode which is a kind of social game where players perform in a battle based on wits!

This game keeps the players hooked by launching events, attractive and real graphics, cool characters, and amazing costumes and now you can also keep pets to accompany you on the battlefield. Each character has its pros and cons which are important to consider when entering the battle. Even the pets have a role to play and can help you win the game.

Moreover, it’s a notion in the game that the players with a higher rank generally have better characters, cool costumes and emotes, and great pets. These things make a player look more fierce in the game. But if you are a regular player or have ever tried this game you must know that after a certain point unlocking new characters and getting their outfits is not so easy.

Mostly you have to pay in-app currency to gain all the cool stuff. And earning the game currency is not easy either, especially the diamonds are hard to earn and they are required for most of the purchases. Having a lot of game cash and diamonds is always handy if you wanna win the game. And that is exactly why Free Fire MOD APK is here.

Let’s discuss the features of this APK in brief.

Features of Free Fire MOD APK:

  1. Better graphics: the MOD APK has better graphics in terms of smoothness, and realism.
  2. Choose where to land: the MOD APK lets you choose precisely where to land at the beginning of the game as it can be crucial for winning the game. A good location can get you resources faster, find and kill enemies easily and provide good hideouts.
  3. All guns unlocked: all the cool and efficient guns are easily available in the MOD APK.
  4. Play as an immoral: the MOD APK provides you with unlimited health, so no matter how much damage you face you’ll never die!
  5. Every character is unlocked: all the attractive and cool characters are already unlocked in the MOD APK so you can select anyone and stand out from the crowd.
  6. There’s no grass: the MOD APK has no grass so it’s easy to spot the enemy and travel from one place to another.
  7. Unlimited money and diamonds: the MOD APK comes with unlimited Free Fire cash and diamonds, so you can buy all the accessories, characters, costumes, skins, etc.
  8. Customizable characters: you can customize your characters according to your liking.


If you love playing Free Fire and you are looking for a MOD APK that can uplift your gaming experience by providing unlimited resources and everything unlocked so you can take advantage of every feature of the game at any time and win easily then Free Fire MOD APK is the app you need. Download the app now and enjoy!

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