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Updated on 27/04/2022 is the private IP address assigned as the default for internet routers. If you are wondering how to perform login, continue reading this article until the end.

Whether you are rocking an Asus, Netgear, or D-Link, or Xiaomi router, you will find one thing in common. And that’s the default login IP, which is By performing login, users can access the admin panel of their internet router, change username and passwords, and tweak network configurations for achieving an even better internet speed. And just like any other private IP address, can only be assigned to one device to make sure other internet-connected devices don’t face problems. Bottomline, this unique IP allows users to access internal settings of their routers, secured by username and password that can also be configured manually by the admins.

But before that, what is an IP address?

In case if you are wondering what is an IP address, here’s our quick walkthrough. For all internet-connected devices, an IP, or Internet Protocol address, is the four-figure string of numbers separated by periods that resemble like this ­- 192.168.XXX.XXX. And by using the unique, you can gain master control of your internet router if you are connected to the same network. Although you can choose from dozens of router brands, the login IP address remains the same. Exceptions are there, and thus before proceeding, always refer to the instructions that come with your specific brand and model of router. In special cases, your router login IP can even be or

Understanding the process of configuring your router by logging into is incredibly crucial. Especially for modifying the username or password, update router firmware, or control online security by setting up an inbuilt VPN service. While it’s recommended to use any PC for accessing router settings, smartphones and tablets would do just fine. Keep in mind that IP addresses are very character-specific that only include only numeric and not any alphabets. Login Instructions – Here’s How You Can Access Your Router Settings

Whether you are running Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, the following guide implies for all devices that can access the internet on any browser. Rest assured because modern routers can also be configured via smartphone browsers and apps. Thus, once you learn the process, you can set up and configure your router from anywhere – no matter what device you have. With that out of the way, here’s how you can perform login and access your router.

Step 1: The first step of configuring your router is, of course, powering it on. Plug in the power adapter and switch it on. The red and blue LEDs indicate power and WiFi status, respectively. Once both the lights turn on, you will instantly receive WiFi network on your devices, however, with no password. Simply connect and proceed to the second step.

Step 2: Once you are connected, open the browser on that device, type in the address bar, and hit Go. But like I said before, the default private login IP varies across different brands and even models of routers. Thus, be sure to check the instruction manual for knowing the exact default login IP address for your router brand or model.

Step 3: The admin login portal will now ask for the default username and password for the router. Flip your router around and find the sticker with the default username and password written. Keep in mind that router credentials are different from WiFi usernames and passwords. Now enter the default credentials and click on Login.

Step 4: Once that’s done and you have successfully accessed the login page, you can start modifying the settings of your router. Leave the network settings on default, and only change the username and password for prohibiting anyone else from logging into the private network. You can also set up your WiFi from this page as well.

How To Login ?

To login ip login page simply follow the bellow simple steps Login page

Above IP not working ? Then Try

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  • First of all simply click on the above button in order to login or you can simply type in your browser’s search bar
  • You will be redirected to your router’s login page, If you don’t know the Username and password then simply enter below details
  • You will be successfully logged into the router admin setup page and a page with wireless and router information will be displayed: Username & Password

Username: admin
Password: admin


Username: admin
Password: password

Username: *empty*
Password: admin

How To Change The Default Username and Password?

Again, not to be confused with the WiFi SSID and password, your router’s username and password are different and modified independently. Even if you have secured your WiFi network, it’s easy for anyone already logged into your network to change admin settings. Therefore, the moment you set up your router, don’t forget to change the router username and password. Follow the steps down below and secure your router from any unauthorized login attempts.

Step 1: Browse login page and open your router’s admin settings by entering the default credentials. The default credentials for most routers are ‘admin’ and ‘password’ respectively, but it’s better if you refer to instructions.

Step 2: Once you have logged in, navigate to ‘Advanced Settings’ and click on the ‘Router Admin’ button. From there, find the slots for changing default credentials. Enter the old password, type in your new password twice and click OK.

How To Fix The Login Error Problem?

Changing your default username and password was easy, right? But what if you failed to access the login page? Whether took too long to respond or refused to connect, here are few common fixes.

  • Check whether your router is connected to power or not. If the red indicator isn’t glowing, try re-plugging it.
  • Double-check whether you have entered the correct IP address by looking for the router sticker or manual.
  • Make sure you are successfully connected to the WiFi network of your router and have decent signal strength.
  • Few 168.1.1 login pages aren’t supported, even on modern smartphones. In that case, try from your PC.
  • Look for the sticker beneath your router and make sure whether you have entered the correct credentials.

Final Verdict

Logging into IP address and configuring an internet router is effortless. And with modern routers, you can even do it using an app on your phone. From the login page, you cannot just modify admin settings but can also ping your router, pinpoint errors, optimize online security and tweak dozens of options for improving your connectivity. So how was the login experience with your router? Let us know in the comments down below.

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