How To Login ?

How To Login ?

Above IP not working ? Then Try

  • First of all simply click on the above button in order to login or you can simply type in your browser’s search bar
  • You will be redirected to your router’s login page, If you don’t know the Username and password then simply enter below details
  • You will be successfully logged into the router admin setup page and a page with wireless and router information will be displayed: Username & Password

Username: admin
Password: admin


Username: admin
Password: password

Username: *empty*
Password: admin

If you have changed your login password and forgotten, performing a router factory reset is the only option left, but remember, it will erase all the data and custom changes made, To reset your router visit our router category there you will find every article related to routers.

To reset your router click on small reset button in the back of your router!


  1. Login to your default admin panel at or (admin/admin is username and password)
  2. Go to Advanced settings > Network > LAN.
  3. Under “IP Address” field you may change it to your desired address such as


  1. Login to your router configuration page (username: admin & password: admin/blank)
  2. Go to Setup > Network Settings.
  3. Now you will find Router IP Address field.


  1. Login to NetGear router settings page via or or you can access via or
  2. By default, the username is admin and password is password.
  3. Once logged in navigate to Advanced > from left side menu go to “Setup” > LAN Setup.
  4. Under LAN TCP/IP Setup, you will see IP Address. Change as preferred.